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The American Chamber Orchestra is a 65-member ensemble based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We perform high baroque, classical, and early romantic repertory, and selected modern works, regularly including young professional musicians in our programs as featured soloists. Founded in 2003 by Music Director Christopher James Hisey and a group of dedicated amateur musicians, we have presented more than 30 very successful concerts in Fairfield, Norwalk, and Bridgeport.



June 12, 2004, the orchestra performed the world premiere of ‘Symphony – Wind River’ by Rex Cadwallader, an Emmy award-winning American composer. 


February 11, 2006, we premiered Ed Thompson's orchestral suite 'Five in Fairfield,' depicting five places in Fairfield County.


In February 2011, the premiere of Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra, a commissioned work by Dr. Rex Cadwallader, was presented and performed by Brett Altman.

ACO Tours


In July 2005, the orchestra traveled to Vienna, Salzburg, and Prague, presenting four concerts during the tour.  In July 2007, 83 members, family and friends traveled through Northern Italy, visiting Parma, Padua, Cremona, Lucca, Florence, Ravenna, Venice and Milan and giving four performances with well-attended audiences.  In July 2009, the American Chamber Orchestra traveled the Scottish Highlands giving three wonderful performances including one in a real castle!   The group's most recent trip to Spain in July 2012 included sightseeing in Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Zaragossa and Barcelona including three performances - the last of which was in a 12th century convent!   

Members of the American Chamber Orchestra, family and friends traveled to Southern England and Ireland in July 2015, performing at the Frome Festival and at the chapel at Dublin Castle.  Visited Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and viewed one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta which celebrated its 800th Anniversary during 2015; visited the Roman Baths and took a ferry ride to Dublin where we visited the Old Jameson Distillery and Temple Bar along with Trinity College where we say the Book of Kells.   It was difficult to come back to the states!


The American Chamber Orchestra chooses the finest in orchestral literature to share with our audience.  Artists who have appeared with the orchestra include Jenny Lind Award-winning soprano Stephanie Gregory, trumpeter Zebediah Upton, violinists Edita Orlinyte and Jinyeong Jessica Lee, violists Fiona Winnig and Yaroslav Kargin, cellists Rebecca Patterson and Kangho Lee, pianist Assaff Weisman, and organist Ed Thompson. 

Meet the Orchestra


1st Violin

Katherine Altman, Concertmaster

James DeBitetto

Ronald Moore

Judith Benjamin

Kathleen Callaghan

Katherine Plager

Deborah Beams

Julie Ringelheim

Allen Levy


Margaret Liddell, Principal

Greg Ullman

Samuel Silverfarb

Felix Vajdos

Ann Marie Mott



Walter Sudik, Principal

Richard Zurkowski

Jennifer Bradbury

Daniel Schlorff

2nd Violin

Linda Carpenter, Principal

Maggie Andrade

Susan Sherman

Christine Hall

Kirsten Karlan

Jenna Trunk

Marlow Hubbard

Thomas Longo

Anat Shiloach


Rachel Stein, Principal

Madeleine Corliss

Beth Pearce

Kevin Root

Genevieve Fabela

Karen Chalif

Pamela Pollak

Judy Wander



Cora Megan, Principal

Paula Coutz

Peter Hadley



Anthony Marra, Principal

Hilda Ramirez

James Thoensen



Amanda Hetric, Principal

Bill Young

Shire Feingold



Rosemary Dellinger, Principal

Thomas Heilmann

Jonathan Stark


Thomas Jordan, Principal

Kathy Kuberka

Amanda Desperito

Wendy Dziurzinski



Patti DiMeglia, Principal

Daniel Jocis



Richard Gosnay, Principal

David Rintoul

Peter Holmes



Marcia Chithelen, Principal



Raymond Weber

Brett Altman

Steve Zagami

Our Board of Directors & Staff

Thomas Jordan, President

Kathy Kuberka, Vice President

Amanda Desperito, Treasurer

Linda Carpenter, Secretary

Judith Benjamin, Member at Large

Pamela Pollak, Member at Large


Christopher James Hisey, Music Director & Conductor

Katherine Altman, Orchestra Manager

Webmaster, Karen Nicol

Contact us at:

Write us at American Chamber Orchestra, P.O.Box 222, Greens Farms, CT 06838

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